🔷️We are in the greatest time in human life. Our increasing reliance on digital intelligence has made it easier for anyone to succeed in the workplace. However a lot of people are still finding it difficult to get noticed, and end up being frustrated and undervalued.

🔷️My whole life has been about reinvention, Mauritian born, my career started out in the local government and proceeded with a career with the British Armed Forces. Today I am the CEO of 5 brands operating in the travel, tourism & training industry.

🔷️ My book ‘Leavers To Leaders‘ is for those who want to reinvent themselves due to change in the
workplace, or who want to build a new career as a leader.

▶️Are you ready to leave and start leading?
Find out in this 5mins test and get a customised report: http://L2LScorecard.com

🔷️I have personally worked with over 400 industry leaders from CEOs, to senior military leaders & 7 figure entrepreneurs. The LOS cast is a monthly series of talk with industry leaders on the 3LOS of Leadership. More details on : www.SamuelTReddy.com

▶️My mission?
“To elevate the lives of others who are frustrated, overlooked and undervalued in the workplace”.

▶️My aim?
To support 17 charities in line with United Nations global goals for sustainable development by 2030. https://www.globalgoals.org

▶️For those who are already an Industry Leader, then join me for our 3 L.O.S workshop trifecta to Lead Oneself, Lead Others & Lead Organisations in a digital age.

Those take place onboard a cruise ship including ‘The L.O.S summit‘- a 3 day conference at sea with keynote speakers, afternoon workshops/mentoring/coaching & evening networking. More details on our website www.TriExForces.com.