🔷I’m an entrepreneur, author & advisor born in Mauritius 🇲🇺 & made in the British 🇬🇧 Armed Forces. Being a citizen of two commonwealth nations made me understand the importance of creating lasting value. I work with organisations who place people at the center of their thinking. I believe leaders need impactful learning to enrich their lives, which is a largely unexplored factor in individual and collective performance.

🔷As a multi awards winning British ExForces, I Founded TriExForces® in 2014 prior to a successful business transition from the health and social care industry.
TriExForces is an extented arms of TriAtis global , a learning and development organisation based in Southampton UK & Mauritius with a team of high valued individuals from three specific backgrounds:

  1. Former military and blue light personnel with a drive to serve.
  2. Industry leaders.
  3. Academia and thoughts leaders.

🔷I am the creator of  ‘Leaders Operating System‘, a methodology used by myself and those who knowingly or successful lead their career at work and in the market place. I am author of Leavers To Leaders- an amazon best seller in the Uk, Australia, USA & Canada  The book is now available in 17 countries and has featured in the news, in universities and corporate organisations. The LOS Cast is my monthly talks at Southampton Business School  with industry leaders and thought leaders on personal & professional development.

Visit www.SamuelTReddy.com for more details.

🔷Our brands:


▶️ Runs amazing workshops & training for business leaders & business owners in selected land based hotels & retreats  around the world.


▶️ A 7 steps methodology for anyone to become a highly valued person in their field. Whether you are at work or run your own business, a highly valued person is rewarded by more time, more money and more fun.


▶️TriAtis is a learning and development organisation with offices in UK- Southampton,  and Mauritius-Ebene. We develop leaders in  who stand out, become relevant & highly valued by impacting organisations.